The Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Indian Institute of Welding specify in details the organisation and functioning of the Institute.

IIW-India Council

The Institution (IIW-India) is governed by a Council that is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting by all members. The Council is composed of the representatives of all the Branches and all classes of members including Corporate Members.

Council Office Bearers :

Elected by the Council Members’ and reports to the Council and consists of

  • President
  • Four Vice Presidents
  • Honorary Secretary General
  • Honorary Treasurer

Functional Committees :

There are Five Committees with an Elected Chairman heading each function to advise the Council and Office Bearers in their specialised areas. The Committees are

  • International Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • General Purpose Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Welding Education Committee
  • IIW-India ANB
  • IIW-India ANBCC
  • IIW-India Foundation

Secretariat at Head Quarter

This is headed by a professional ‘Executive Director’ and is responsible for all routine day to day activities and implementing Policy guidance of the Council through its Secretary General. The Executive Director is assisted by support staff and facilities at Kolkata Head Quarter.


The thirteen Branches of the Institute have operational independence within the overall IIW-India constitutional framework and are governed by Branch Managing Committees elected every year at the Annual General Meetings of the Branches by all members in their respective Branches. The Managing Committee elects its Office Bearers as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurers etc.
A Centre has smaller number (less than 100) of members and is attached to a nearby Branch