The Authorised Nominated Body for Company Certification (ANBCC) is an operating division of The Indian Institute of Welding (A non-profit making organisation Registered under companies act) and in conformance with the professional requirement rules of the International Institute of Welding and managed by an elected Council. All the legal and statutory responsibilities of the ANBCC rest with the IIW –India ANBCC Council.



The ANBCC has a Governing Board comprising eminent professional persons drawn from all over India and cover various stakeholders as per IAB Rule and are appointed by the ANBCC Council. All policy decisions are taken by the Governing Board (GB) of the ANBCC. The ANBCC-GB is headed by a Chairman who is elected by the Governing Board members . IIW India ANBCC Governing Body appoints IIW-India ANBCC Management Council.



Management Committee is made of G.B members nominated by the Governing Board to monitor and to routinely guide the activities of ANBCC and is headed by a Chairman. The working decisions on regular basis is taken by the Management Committee, based on the overall policy decision of the Governing Board and subject to its ratification as detailed in the IIW-India -ANBCC Quality System Manual (QSM).



A Scheme Manager is appointed IIW –India ANBCC Council and approved by IIW-India ANBCC GB,who is responsible for all executive function of ANBCC with the support of Director MCS, ANBCC andother qualified executives. SCHEME MANAGER reports directly to Chairman of Governing Body through the Management Committee.


Decision Making Personnel.

Decision making personnel review all assessment related documents and approves the assessment for issuance of ISO 3834 Certificate to companies.



Lead Assessor and Peer Assessors are appointed by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of SCHEME MANAGER and Director-MCS to assess and ensure compliance of all Companies activities as per IAB Rules & Guideline, ANBCC’s QSM & OPMs and specific contract conditions & liaise with the ANBCC officials as required and report to the GB/Management Committee through SCHEME MANAGER. ANBCC is subjected to regular internal system Audit by a qualified third party apart from regular Audit by IAB appointed Assessors to ensure compliance to international norms.