1. Please feel free to contact IIW-India-ANBCC (ANBCC) and Email to anbcc@test.iiwindia.com, mktg.anbcc@test.iiwindia.com. Please check ANBCC – Contacts page for phone nos. and other details of contact persons.
  2. ANBCC will send a blank Format for Request for Quotation (Form no ANBCC-IN-RFQ). Please arrange maximum possible input. Please emphasise on Welder certification, Welding coordinators/Supervisors, Welding InspectorsQualification and Certification, Welding Processes in force and Materials in use and Product Specification adopted – A Company Profile may be attached for more details which will facilitate ANBCC to understand the activities by the applicant organisation.
  3. On the basis of the filled up RFQ.ANBCC will send their offer.
  4. Company to respond with acceptance of the offer at the earliest. If required contact over phone/email.
  5. ANBCC will then send detailed requirement and preparation required through a Document “REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION AS PER MANUFACTURER’S CERTIFICATION SCHEME (MCS) TO COMPLY WITH ISO:3834”. Most requirements are spelt out in the above document. Company may contact ANBCC for clarification, if any.
  6. Upon completion of the preparation by the Company, it will request for Certification audit and share possible dates. At this stage ANBCC send a format “Application for Certification” ( Form no. ANBCC-INAPL). The same is to be filled in full, enclosing all relevant documents as indicated there in and share the same with ANBCC.
  7. ANBCC will share the details of the Auditor who will visit along with his location for acceptance by the Company. On receipt of acceptance of the audit team by the company, all the documents above, as received , will be handed over to Lead Auditor (LA) for pre-review and comments if any. At this stage few more documents / clarification may be sought by LA.
  8. Audit plan by LA will be sent as per the agreed date & schedule.
  9. ANBCC’s Audit team will undertake audit at Company’s workshops on the said dates as per above plan.On completion of the audit as per the requirements of relevant level of ISO:3834, LA may recommend for certification or otherwise.
  10. The audit dossier as prepared by LA are sent to Decision Making Persons(DMP) at ANBCC- HO for review and approval.
  11. On receipt of approval from DMP,ANBCC will issue International Institute of Welding’s Certificate.
  12. Certified Company’s Certificates will appear in the IIW-India website as well as uploaded in a standard format in IIW’s (International Institute of Welding) website . Certified company will be eligible to use IIW- India-ANBCC’s logos with an undertaking.

Note- ANBCC can support a Company additionally through Awareness programme,Gap Analysis Programme etc .Separate Offers for these activities can be shared with Company if Company desires so.