The Quality Requirement for the 21st Century

Many companies have achieved certification to ISO 9001 with respect to their quality management systems. But where significant use is made of a special process like welding, such certification is unlikely to provide the required demonstration of company capability to manufacture products with the required product quality. In such cases compliance to ISO 3834 is the recommended solution.


Introduction to ISO 3834

Quality Requirement for “Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials”

  • Processes such as fusion welding are widely used to manufacture many products. In some companies, they are the key feature of production. Products may range from simple to complex. Examples include pressure vessels, domestic and agricultural equipment, cranes, bridges, transport vehicles and other items.
  • It is important, therefore, to ensure that these processes are carried out in the most effective way and that appropriate control is exercised over all aspects of the operation.
  • Special Process – A process where the conformity of the resulting product cannot be readily or economically verified is frequently referred to as a ‘special process’.
  • Quality cannot be inspected into a product; it has to be built in. Even the most extensive and sophisticated non-destructive testing does not improve the quality of the product.
  • It is emphasised that ISO 3834 is not a quality management system standard replacing ISO 9001. However, it can be a useful tool when ISO 9001 is adopted by manufacturers.
  • To ensure sound and effective manufacturing, management needs to understand and appreciate the sources of potential trouble and to implement appropriate procedures for their control.
  • ISO 3834 identifies measures that are applicable for different situations for welding application. ISO 3834 can overcome the system weaknesses and boost the manufacturing company’s ability to sell its products in both domestic and international markets. Compliance with ISO 3834 will provide a global recognition of company’s capability. This is becoming a necessity also for manufacturers having overseas technical collaboration especially with European organisations.


Benefits for Certified Fabricators

  • Clear, high profile, independent verification of compliance by the world’s leading authority on Welding.
  • Confirmation of welding and fabricating capability and staff competence,
  • Improved client confidence leading to a reduction in external audits.
  • Entry of the company’s details on well – publicised International Web site register. Quality management and fabrication capability assessments are carried out by IIW recognised assessors.
  • Increased national and international business potential.
  • Cost savings in production.
  • Facilitates compliance with emerging European and International standards that call up ISO 3834 namely the EU Directives, and the CEN Product Standards.


Benefits for Clients of Certified Fabricators

Clients should consider making ISO 3834 certification as a contract requirement because it provides:

  • Expertly led, independent assessment of suppliers.
  • In-depth, authoritative evaluation of fabricator’s capability.
  • Consistent assessment and harmonised presentation of information and data.


Who Can Certify

In order to administer this system and to develop it, The International Institute of Welding (IIW) has established the IAB – International Authorisation Board. This IIW Working Unit aimed at the effective integration of the EWF and IIW systems and its implementation in all IIW countries, publishes Guidelines and Rules for certification and develops and manages the Quality Assurance procedures controlling the system.

An organisation recognised by the national IIW member is appointed as Authorised National Body for Companies Certification (ANBCC) in each country. IIW India has obtained authorisation as ANBCC (Authorised National Body for Company Certification) from the International Institute of Welding through its International Authorisation Board (IAB) for the exclusive rights within India to operate its MCS for management of quality in Welding for implementation of ISO 3834 oriented products.


  • Auditing and Certification services as per ISO 3834
  • Training services on ISO 3834
  • Annual surveillance as per requirements of ISO 3834 certification
  • Re-assessment and recertification before end of the validity period of the certificate

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