Guidelines for formation of Students’ Chapter of IIW-India

The students’ chapter of IIW-India has been constituted to meet the following objectives:

  • Create awareness on Welding applications and the latest developments.
  • Explore the career opportunity for the student’s community in this area.
  • Provide an opportunity to students in networking and organizing workshops / seminars in this field.
  • To promote the interest in Welding Education among Engineering Students and qualify them for R&D in the field of Welding Technology.


  • The institute / college can be a member of ICM of IIW India
  • Minimum 3 of the faculty member to be a member of IIW India from the Institute.
  • Minimum 25 students to be a student / associate member of IIW India from the institute.


  • To conduct Periodic technical talk to the student members in their college/ institute with the help of the branch attached to students chapter.
  • To conduct yearly seminar / workshop and certification program by the students members in welding technology at their premises.
  • To conduct AMIIW program classes to the student member at their college premises with the support from the attached branch.
  • To allow the student members to attend International, National and Branch Seminars / National Weld Meet of IIW-India with a concessional delegate fees.
  • To organise for the students to go for educational tours / Industrial visit to various welding, fabrication industries as a case study and other educational institutions to upgrade their knowledge in the field of welding and to the latest technology being used in welding technology.
  • Arrange Guest lecture from industry expert, Presentation etc.


IIW-India Branch will provide necessary support to students’ chapter in organizing above activities.


Formation of the Students Chapter to consists of the following

1.One Chairman
2.One Secretary
3.One Treasurer
4.3 Executive Committee Members

  • The Chairman to be from the Institute / college – one of the faculties to be an IIW-India member.
  • Chairman to be the representative of the attached branch preferably from Managing Committee Member.
  • Secretary, Treasurer and 2 committee members from the student’s member.

General requirement for the formation:

  • In the branch AGM the attached students’ chapter Secretary will brief the activities carried out by them during the year with PPT presentation.
  • The branch can help to the attached students’ chapter to deliver technical talk by any members of the branch when organised monthly or once in 2 months.
  • The branch to help for students’ chapter member for plant visit in their respective area. The students chapter members to organise themselves for travel / food etc during such visits.
  • Branch to help / support students’ chapter attached with them for Annual seminars/ welding workshops.
  • The branch should help for organising any faculty member for AMIIW exams classes for the students’ chapter members.