STANDARD ACCESS ROUTE: (Minimum Eligibility to attend a Course in an ATB)

The entry to any of the courses for IIW Diploma like International Welding Co-ordination Personnel, International Welder etc. course at various levels could be by Standard Route for candidates meeting the IAB specified Access qualification requirement, the eligibility qualification for admission in an Approved Training Body (ATB). This requires attendance at IAB approved Training Courses for specified time and designed to meet all the requirements of IAB guideline on respective curriculum. This is the route offering the most comprehensive manner in which the syllabus could be covered. All theoretical learning inputs and practical training are imparted at ANB-India approved “Approved Training Bodies” (ATB) having all the required facilities for the courses being offered. The route also allows certain amount of prior learning to be taken into account, for example during University, College courses or by approved ‘ Distance Learning’

  • (IWCP) The Standard route is presently available only for IWE & IWT qualifications at Chennai only at our Approved Training Body (ATB)
    Cornerstone Academy Pvt.Ltd and follows the course
    Guideline IAB 252 the latest edition.
  • (IWIP) The Standard Route is not yet available for International Welding Inspection Personnel following Guideline IAB 041 latest version.
  • (IW) This is the practically the only route to qualify as International Welder at our ATB at Cochin Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTECH) and follows Guideline IAB 089 Part 1 latest version. The qualifications are offered at three levels Fillet, Plate Butt
    and Pipe (Tube) following different processes like MMA (Process 111), MIG/MAG Process 131,135, 136, 138), TIG (Process 141) for Carbon Steel, S.S and Aluminium

Alternative Route:

This is available to candidates who have thorough required Theoretical and practical knowledge in line with the relevant IAB guideline for meeting the approved ‘Access Condition’ and have proved relevant experience of at least 4+ years. They are not required to attend lessons in an ATB on the basis of candidates’ claimed prior knowledge & subject to ANB verification.

A detailed Application as per Format specially designed for a specific qualification is to be filled by the candidate and duly supported by documentary evidence for claiming exemption from attending lessons in an ATB for existing prior knowledge. The same is evaluated by ANB Assessors & once accepted the candidate is required to submit & a Project Report on a welding application topic in the nature of a case study. The same is first subjected to paper check and if found OK the candidate is required to undergo an interview on the Project submitted by ANB Examiners along with his claimed prior knowledge. On being approved by the interview Board the candidate may be allowed to sit directly for the final examination covering both written and oral examination in all the Modules of the IAB course Guideline without attending lesson at an ATB. Successful candidates are eligible for Diploma. The Alternative route to qualify for IWCP as IWE & IWT is now available.

Transition Route:

Existing professionals in a country doing similar nature of work with requisite knowledge and experience have an attractive option of acquiring the International Welding Diploma of choice by the Transition Route if they can demonstrate to the ANB that their combination of education, training and experience in welding technology has provided the knowledge & competency at the level equivalent to the current IAB requirements and if they fulfil the ANB requirements defined in the Transition Arrangement Directory. The route does not require the candidate to attend a regular course at any Approved Training Institute (ATB) though must meet the minimum specified Access Qualification of welding in India or the qualified applicant is currently practicing /employed, in India.

(IWCP) : The transition route for qualifying as International Welding Coordinator (IWE / IWT / IWS / IWP) is available to eligible candidates without any end date subject to his meeting the Transition Eligibility Criteria on or before 3rd January 2011. The candidates are required to attend a 4 day refresher course followed by Objective type written test and Interview to qualify. (IWIP) : The transition route is open for International Welding Inspector International Welding Inspector in three levels i.e. Comprehensive, Standard and Basic to experienced candidates already engaged in the Welding Inspection and fulfilling for IWIP, both the Access Condition & TransitionEligibility Criteria on date or by 13th January 2014 whichever is earlier. The candidates are required to attend a 5 day refresher course followed by Objective type written test and Interview to qualify.

Courses are conducted at various locations in India and subject to his application being approved by the Assessment Committee
and on payment of the requisite Fees may attend. Details as per the link


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