A division of Indian Institute of Welding has been accredited by IIW as its only ‘Authorised Nominated Body'(ANB) in India (To be referred as IIW-India ANB) to operate its above international scheme and award International Diplomas to welding personnel at various levels from skilled International Welder IFW/IPW & ITW to the highest level of International Welding Coordination Personnel as IWE/IWT/IWS & IWP and International Welding Inspector as IWIP-C, IWIP-S & IWIP-B
The Indian Institute of welding in turn appoints a competent bodies / training institutes as Approved Training Bodies (ATBs’) as per International Authorisation Board Rule No IAB-001r8-16 or any later edition for implementation of IIW Guideline, who will actually impart the approved practical and theoretical training programmes. Prospective candidates are required to undergo training in these ATB’s in the course of their choice

The ATB’s are appointed through an extensive process of verification as shown in the flow chart in the Brochure. Following categories of organisations may be eligible for approval.

  • A Welders training school or Institute
  • An Engineering/ University/College running theoretical and practical classes in welding
  • A welding products manufacturing company having its own welding school
  • A fabrication organization having its own welding training and qualification cell

The applicant ATB must have the legal right to use the facilities used for imparting the training courses offered and is fully responsible for compliance of concerned legal and statutory regulations. The ATB must have well ventilated modern class rooms with teaching aids, audio visual equipment, library & employing adequately qualified teachers and instructors with administrative support as per IAB norms and must be adequate to cover the intended maximum number of students.

The approval of an ATB and the courses they are authorised to conduct is the responsibility of ANB-India as per IAB guideline No IAB-001 (latest version). A course is approved with respect to the programme, the team of lecturers & instructors, course materials, Lesson Plan, facilities and equipment on successful completion of Assessment Audit. The ATB is to conducts approved courses designed to prepare candidates for examinations and qualifications of welding personnel to International Standard as per IAB guideline. Successful completion of an approved course with both theoretical and practical lessons is a requirement of the qualification procedure for awarding IIW Diploma.

The ATB’s are subjected to monitoring, and surveillance audit by ANB-India within specified period. Failure and non-compliance to agreed rule and procedure including timely payment of all dues to IIW-India ANB may lead to suspension / Termination. The requirements are covered in ANB-India Quality Manual (Approval, Surveillance, Renewal & termination of ATB) and bound by Contractual obligations of ATB with ANB-India. An ATB is approved for a specific scope of activities with respect to the qualification level, the team of lecturers; course materials, facilities and equipment, language, location, etc., and any significant change shall be cause for re-assessment.

S.no Documents Click link below
1 IIW-India ANB Brochure ATB Jan 2018
2 IW IIW-IAB IW Course Guideline IAB 089r5-14 Part 1 Short
3 IIW-IAB IWCP Course Guideline IAB 252r5-19 Short
4 IIW-IAB IW Course Guideline IAB 041 r5 19 Short
5 Preliminary Application for ATB Form ATB-F:13A r4 Feb 18
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7 Application for Course Approval at an ATB_IAB 001 Appendix 2, F:14 r1 Feb 18
8 ATB Contact details Click Here
9 Audit Fees, Course fees for ATB & Registration & Examination fees for candidates and details on specific enquiry IIW