AM-IIW – Eligibility Criteria

(Effective from June 2020)

  1. Membership of IIW-India : The candidate must be an individual member of IIW of any category.
  2. Educational Qualifications :
    1. Engineering Diploma students in a 3-year course will be allowed to register for AM-IIW Examinations in the final year.
    2. 4-year engineering degree students studying in the 3rd and 4th year are eligible to register.
    3. Registration for any case will be valid for six years.
    4. There is no exemption in any paper in case of only Diploma in Engineering students.
    5. A Bachelor of Engineering candidate is exempted from appearing in examinations of some papers that one has passed during their regular course.
    6. Any candidate may also seek exemption from appearing in a paper if one passes a similar paper through Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) such as NPTEL, etc.
    7. The decision on exemption will be taken based on one individual’s claim for exemption with relevant documents related to the detailed course content and that a candidate has passed the paper successfully.